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  livonia democratic club

  • The earliest evidence of the Livonia Democratic Club (LDC) is from 1987.
  • In 2004, the officers and members of the LDC set forth and further documented its existence by creating and ratifying a set of bylaws, submitting them to the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) and being chartered as an official extension of the state party.
  • More recently, the LDC has conducted Executive Board and membership meetings each month, working hard to extend to Livonia residents opportunities to join the club and participate in official club business at any level desired.
  • We encourage Livonia residents to become members of the Democratic Party (national, state, and local), including becoming candidates for club offices, neighborhood precinct delegates, public office, and officers or delegates to the MDP or presidential delegation at Democratic National Committee (DNC) national conventions.
  • The LDC is proud to constantly support the principles, beliefs, and values of the DNC and MDP.  Please feel free to examine and make use of the features and information we provide through this website, continuously increasing your knowledge and skills as an activist in the Democratic Party and as a proud resident of the City of Livonia!

Proudly serving Livonia since 1987.

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